10 Luxury Glamping Resorts For The Perfect Getaway


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As much as I enjoy tent camping (yes, in an actual tent that I pitch) ever since I learned about these amazing glamping destinations,  I’ve wanted to go. Glamping is like camping on steroids and I want to experience it.

My back would probably appreciate it more than traditional camping.

We finally made it glamping to this tiny house in Orlando, but still, have these glamping places on our must-visit list.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping provides a real bed, furniture, running water, and electricity set in a beautiful location far, far, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life under a canvas tent. It’s under a tent so I can still count it as camping, right? Just don’t forget to pack the bug spray!

 Let's Go Glamping Hoodie

Must Have Let’s Go Glamping Hoodie

Browsing around the internet (yes, I was playing instead of writing—sigh) I found these lovely glamping outfitters. So many of them offer spectacular backdrops. I would love to go glamping with any of them.

Everything looks so much comfier than my tent on the ground. I’ve included a link to each of them in case you are interested in learning more.

Lander - Cairn Lanter

Cairn features an ultra-bright 300 Lumen LED light and the ability to keep your devices charged

We love this light for our glamping gear, camping, hiking and all outdoor activities PLUS it can charge a phone!!

p.s. If any glamping outfitter would love to invite me to visit I would love to write about your glamping resort. Drop me an email, it’s right over there on the sidebar——->>>>>>

There are tons of great glamping destinations you will want to visit, as well as amazing tent camping locations out there.  I’ve done some fun research, and come up with what I think is now my must-visit glamping resorts.  Now, it’s time to figure out when I will go glamping, and which location will be first!

Almost all of the glamping resorts in this post are located in the Rocky Mountain area or the Western United States. Im on the hunt for glamping destinations East of the Mississippi River. I have one in the Midwest (which is pretty epic!).  I’ll keep you posted on what other ones I find.


GlampingFireside Resort Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole, WYOMING: If you want to see what are probably the most breathtaking views you will ever see, this area of Wyoming is the ideal location.  Whether you stay in Jackson Hole or right next to Yellowstone itself, Fireside Resort Jackson Hole is definitely number one on my personal list for glamping destinations.


River Dance Lodge Glamping Idaho

River Dance Lodge in Syringa, Idaho

Syringa, IDAHO: Located at Idaho’s Outdoor adventure resort the River Dance Lodge glamping tents are located along a rushing creek. Each luxury tent includes a king-sized bed, chairs, a small table and a wood stove.


Dunton Hot Springs Colorado Glamping

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

Dunton Hot Springs, COLORADO: Hot springs like the ones in Colorado are ideal for a warm soothing way to wash your troubles away for a few days while camping.  It makes a rustic adventure feel more like a delightful day at the spa.  What more could you ask for in a glamping destination? Plus the glamping tents at Dunton Hot Springs have en-suite bathrooms (music to my ears…..).

Be sure to stop by Garden of the Gods while you’re in Colorado


Moab Under Canvas glamping

Moab Under Canvas, Utah

Moab, UTAH: Seriously divine glamping tents, Moab Under Canvas, is located in an area that is packed full of outdoor adventures. These are your everyday outdoor adventures like hiking and biking, nope, this is an outdoor adventureland for hot air ballooning, white water rafting, Hummer tours, rock climbing, Jeep rentals and so much more. After a full day of adventuring, you’ll return to a very comfortable glamping tent for a good nights sleep.



Stone Creek Outfitters, Montana

Darby, MONTANA: Stone Creek Outfitters is strategically located near the Montana and Idaho border giving glampers the opportunity to explore a wide range of outdoors and adventures. In addition to the outdoor fun at Stone Creek Outfitters takes glamping to a whole new level by offering some fun outdoor learning sessions like mountain orienteering, dutch oven and campfire cooking and mountain horsemanship.

Yellowstone Under Canvas Glamping

Yellowstone Under Canvas

Yellowstone, MONTANA: Located just 10 minutes from the West entrance of Yellowstone National Park the camp offers visitors incredible views, a quiet location, on-site restaurant and easy access to Yellowstone!

glampingThe Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana

Rock Creek, Montana: Don’t these glamping destinations just scream for you to book them now?  Whether you want classic rustic feel or a bit of a modern twist on the rustic idea, glamping destinations like these in Montana are ideal for your travel adventure.


El Capitan Canyon Glamping

El Capitan Canyon, California

Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA: For those who seek a more traditional camping experience in Southern California but want more of the creature comforts of home, the safari glamping tents at El Capitan Canyon is the answer.


Lakedale Resort Glamping Resort San Juan Island Washington

Lakedale Resort, Washington

Friday Harbor, Washington: Located in the San Juan Island these glamping tents offer all the amneties of a hotel but in the great outdoors. Sure beats pitching a tent and sleeping on the ground. Snuggle into one of these cozy queen bed instead.


Here is my one lonely East of the Mississippi option for Glamping. I’m working on a follow-up post that will have more options for us on the East Coast and in the Midwest. This may be the only one but it’s a pretty epic choice.


Wild Cherry Resort, Michigan

Lake Leelanau, Michigan: Located in one of the most beautiful regions of the state and very near to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, a stay at Wild Cherry Resort is a must! Plus, the many nearby wineries and breweries make this even more appealing. Come see what you’ve been missing…this is an amazing destination and will quickly become a favorite.

Enjoy a great resort stay and looking for some fun in the sun?  Check out my pick for the Best Sandals Resort!

No matter what glamping destinations you choose to add to your travel bucket list, this fun new way to camp is sure to please even the pickiest person in your family.  No longer do you have to worry about hard beds and mosquito netting over sleeping bags.  Glamping is just the way to spend a fun weekend away with family.

Want to create your own DIY Glamping Tent?

My friend over at Travel Inspired Living has taken the guesswork out of how to create a glamping tent in your backyard. You can check it out here: https://travelinspiredliving.com/easy-diy-backyard-glamping/

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