Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair


Just because you have fine hair doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing hair. Sure, fine hair is associated with limp and straight hair, but it doesn’t have to look dull. You can have Pinterest-worthy hair if you want; you just need to know how to work with your hair so that it’s fabulous. Although many believe that you can’t have short hair when your hair is fine since it’ll just look limp and boring, there are certain short hairstyles for fine hair you can try.

Short hair is easier to style than long hair and can really change up your look. Although many are scared to cut off their fine locks for a shorter look, you shouldn’t be afraid since there are many short hairstyles for fine hair out there – you just need to know where to start. Also, less hair weight allows you to add fabulous volume to shorter hair. There are so many beautiful and attractive short hairstyles for thin hair that the hard part will be trying to narrow it down to the best one! Here’s a list of the top short hairstyle for fine hair to help you with your decision so the next time you see your stylist, you know exactly what to ask for:

short hairstyles for thin hair long bob voluflex

Long Bob

A long bob is great for those with thin hair that want to go short, but not chop off all their hair. It’s more of a shoulder-length style so you won’t have to cut it too short. The great thing about a long bob is that the layers will be able to help bring out the natural volume in your fin hair – even if it usually always falls flat. You’ll be to keep some length, but still have “short” hair that’s trendy and stylish.

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