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(Last Updated On: December 22, 2020)

The UK sometimes feels like it is slap bang in the middle of the world – the beating heart of human civilization.

What Makes The UK Such A Special Place For Travelers?

Such a notion seems strange today in a world where Britain hasn’t had superpower status for over a hundred years. But the afterglow of the country’s achievements remains embedded in our culture and global setup. 

English, for instance, is spoken in practically every country to some degree, making it the language of international commerce. The British Navy still determines shipping agreements. And London is at the center of the world’s time system and open for business in the evening in Asia and morning in the US. 

The UK, therefore, is a prime immigration destination. It’s a global place – somewhere anyone can achieve success. 

But what’s in it for travelers like us? Why would you want to visit the place? 

The Countryside Looks Great In Any Season

What Makes The UK Such A Special Place For Travelers?

Pexels – CC0 License

The UK is famous for its dreary overcast days and lack of sunshine. And while around 70 to 80 percent of days are cloudy, those climatic conditions are partly responsible for the country’s unique and beautiful landscapes year-round. 

Unlike most countries, Britain doesn’t have a wet or dry season. Instead, it is at just the right latitude and position where each season is well-defined and has its own character. In June, you can expect clear skies, warm weather, and light breezes. In the fall, you get beautiful red and orange leaves forming on the trees. And in the winter, it is like a frozen wonderland, especially if you get snow. The country has it all. 

The Depth Of Culture

What Makes The UK Such A Special Place For Travelers?Pexels – CC0 License

British history is rich, varied, and interesting. The country is home to so many movements that we associate with the modern world, including concepts such as individual liberty and the rule of law. You can see this approach to life wherever you go in the country. The landscape is littered with stately homes and castles where the rich formed their dynasties in years gone by. 

It remains a great place for art lovers to this day. There’s the Tate Modern and Britain, the National Gallery, and many other public monuments around the country, including the fabled Angel of the North. 

You also get to indulge in weird traditions when you visit the country. Morris dancing, mud racing, and “chase a cheese” are all embedded parts of the culture. 

The Food Is Delicious

What Makes The UK Such A Special Place For Travelers?

Pexels – CC0 License

British food has a reputation for being bland and failing to make use of herbs and spices. And largely, that’s true. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not great. The locals have concocted ways to avoid using strong flavors and still create meals that taste amazing. You could live off fish and chips for lunch and roast dinners for supper for a month and not get bored. 

The Pubs Are From A Storybook

The pubs are arguably the best in the world. The food and drink are okay. But the real appeal is the atmosphere. Almost always, you’ll find them in buildings with hundreds of years of history behind them. 

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